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Crystal Clear Silver Springs and Charming Siesta Key

Each summer we try to spend a week on the shore of the Gulf coast. This summer we packed up Marge the Barge (our Ford Expedition) and hit I-75 South. We drove a little over half way and spent the night in Ocala, FL, home of Silver Springs State Park. Saturday morning, before hitting the road again, we hopped aboard a glass bottom boat to explore Silver Springs. After a tour over some of the crystal clear springs and accomplishing our goal of seeing an alligator, we loaded back up and headed toward Siesta Key. We're sure glad we took the time to visit Silver Springs, our first visit to a Florida State Park.

Our week on Siesta Key was filled with perfect weather, clear gulf water and the most beautiful sand you've ever seen, seriously! We indulged in delicious fresh seafood (both at local restaurants and some caught by Cory and our friend, Matthew).

We're trying to visit different gulf coast beaches each summer, though we may or may not have tossed around the idea of trying an all inclusive Caribbean resort with the kids next summer. We have plenty of time to sort that decision out in the coming months.

For now though, here's our Silver Springs, Siesta Key and Near Shore Fishing videos

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